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Hideaways Bumbusi Wilderness Camp

Many people struggle to find safari camps that are unique and private. Hideaways Bumbusi Wilderness Camp’s historical ruins site and secluded game viewing offers guests the chance to experience a Zimbabwean safari with a difference! The camp offers an exceptionally unique experience in a reclaimed corner of Hwange National Park where the various gorges, drainage lines and hills are perfect for safari lovers who like to explore a region on foot. The shady oasis of camp acts like a magnet for wildlife, especially the elephant as the season gets drier which makes for incredible game viewing. Added to the walking and game drive experience, the Bumbusi National Monument adds a beautiful richness to any safari and is located a short drive from camp.

Found in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park lies a hidden gem of historical significance: the ancient rock etchings of Bumbusi. At Hideaways Bumbusi Wilderness Camp, we offer a unique walking safari that brings you face-to-face with these captivating remnants of early human history. The Bumbusi rock engravings are a collection of intricate etchings created by the […]

While staying at Hideaways Bumbusi, you can travel through time by visiting the Bumbusi Ruins alongside one of our experienced guides. You will gain deeper insights into the historical significance of this area as you explore the remnants of ancient structures and artifacts. Our guides provide engaging narratives, offering a window into the lives and […]

The bush boma dinners at Hideaways Bumbusi is an amazing experience in the heart of the African wilderness . As the sun sets over the savannah, guests gather around a crackling fire, enveloped by the rhythmic sounds of the bush. The boma fire cast a warm glow on the surrounding wilderness, creating an ambiance of […]

The game drives in Hwange National Park will take you through one of Africa’s premier wildlife sanctuaries. Guests are transported on open-air safari vehicles, guided by experienced rangers deeply attuned to the bush. Guests may encounter the elephant herds, big cats, black rhino, giraffes and antelope species. The air is alive with anticipation as the […]

The wilderness can be experienced in a way that is both thrilling and personal when you go on a walking safaris at Hideaways Bumbusi. Headed by our pro-guide, participants set off on foot, their senses heightened by the sights and sounds of the bush, allowing for close observation of animal behavior. The idea of trekking […]